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Music and Choir

Our music curriculum encourages students of all ages to learn about their fatih, the world around them, and their own unique God-given musical talents. All students PreK 3 - 8th grade  have Music class once a week. Elementary students explore music by developing their singing voices and playing a wide range of instruments including recorders and percussion. They learn music concepts through movement and music reading activities. In addition to our general music classes, students can participate in the Friday Mass Choir or the Epiphany Cathedral Children's Choir (meets after school once a week). 

Middle school students choose from music electives which include, concert band or orchestra. Recorder is also included in the curriculum for the 6th grade.  Epiphany Cathedral School has a great relationship with our parish music department. So many of our students sing in the church choir, along with playing hand bells during our family mass on Sunday. A few of our students are becoming cantors and are already leading the congregation in song and praise.


Epiphany's art curriculum provides creative learning experiences for our students as they develop their personal artistry and imagination in the visual arts. Our students are encouraged to use originality as they create art in response to various themes, problems, and questions posed in the curriculum. Artful communication is encouraged as our students learn how to use different mediums to express themselves and their individual point of view. The recognition of the importance of art and the contribution it has made in society is a recurring theme in our curriculum throughout the grade levels. Our students learn first hand to value the beauty of God’s creation as they learn to express their values and beliefs through visual forms, patterns, and relationships.

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