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From Coach Ramsey

It is my goal as Athletic Director that we meet the needs of the student athletes and promote their optimum physical, mental, social, and moral development.

Becoming a member of an athletic team provides an individual with many positive experiences and opportunities. Athletics provide individuals the opportunity to gain knowledge, to learn the importance of teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship and to develop a sense of commitment. In addition, athletics promotes school spirit and develops a sense of self-accomplishment through goal setting and decision making. As in all aspects of life, these skills are the tools necessary to accept any challenge life has to offer and to become successful.

Middle school athletics provide a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden the scope of their overall education. Those involved with middle school athletics will focus on the following goals:

Participation – All athletes should be given playing time.
Sportsmanship – All athletes treat officials, coaches, teammates and opponents with respect.
Skills – All athletes should learn the basic fundamental skills for his / her particular sport.
Tiger Pride – All athletes need to be proud of putting on an Epiphany Cathedral Team uniform and being part of Epiphany Cathedral Athletic Program.

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If your child is interested in participating on any sports team, please fill out the Student-Athlete questionnaire: Click Here