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WE BELIEVE all God's children are uniquely gifted and are to be valued and nurtured in faith, love, and knowledge.

WE BELIEVE that Catholic education proclaims the Gospel of Jesus, celebrates liturgy, builds community, strengthens values, and serves others without distinction.

WE BELIEVE that parents/guardians are the primary educators and role models for their children.

WE BELIEVE faculty, staff, and the parish community are vital to the formation of the students through instruction and example.

WE BELIEVE all students have the capacity and right to learn in an environment that fosters academic excellence through differentiated instructional approaches.

WE BELIEVE respect for all people among students, staff, and families creates a safe and wholesome learning environment.

Catholic education is founded on the mission of educating the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. In this way, each child is formed in a superior academic environment that focuses on instilling the highest quality learning experience, while ensuring that learning is rooted in our Catholic faith. The Catholic church calls Catholic schools to partner with parents in the education of the young, to assist in providing a solid foundation in Christ and help the child grow to be good Catholic citizens of the world.

We work diligently to provide learning experiences that are transportable to the real world and provide the opportunity for the children to develop life-long learning skills and to be successful in college and beyond. Epiphany offers cross-curricular learning experiences through STREAM – Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math, as well as traditional learning environments that instill strong foundations in reading,  writing, and social studies. The root of the school’s academic programs is founded in teaching for mastery. 

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