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Academics, Character, and Spirituality

Our Mission Statement:

Epiphany Cathedral Catholic School provides excellence in Catholic education, which nurtures a loving relationship with God and builds a caring community that serves others.

Our School:

Educational specialist teachers complement the classroom teacher in the areas of: Music, Spanish, Technology, Library, Art, and Physical Education. We offer a variety of athletic, artistic and educational competitive teams.
Best instructional practices, current textbooks, latest technology, and quality teachers enable our students to score in the upper percentile of all national testing. Most of our students have gone on to higher education after completing high school.
Our school serves as a partnership with teachers, parents, families and feeder parishes in reinforcing morality, spirituality, and other important Christian values in the faith-filled teaching process. Community service is an integral part of our daily lives. We offer a number of outreach programs organized and completed by our students.
Our students can begin their journey at age three at the pre-school level and continue through middle school to grade eight.

Our Philosophy:

WE BELIEVE all God's children are uniquely gifted and are to be valued and nurtured in faith, love, and knowledge. Our programs and curriculum are accredited by The Florida Catholic Conference and follow the guidelines for the Sunshine State Standards.
WE BELIEVE that Catholic Education proclaims the Gospel of Jesus, celebrates liturgy, builds community, strengthens values, and serves others without distinction. Our school has served the community since 1959.
WE BELIEVE that Parents / Guardians are the primary educators and role models for their children.
WE BELIEVE faculty, staff, and the parish community are vital to the formation of the students through instruction and example. Our faculty members are dedicated and experienced. All teachers are certified and teach only within their qualified areas. The majority of our teachers have their Master's Degree.
WE BELIEVE all students have the capacity and right to learn in an environment that fosters academic excellence through diversified instructional approaches.
WE BELIEVE respect for all people and property among students, staff, and families creates a safe and wholesome learning environment. Epiphany Cathedral School is a safe and nurturing environment.

Mission Driven

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