January 14, 2021

To All Members of the Epiphany Faith Community,

I would ask the Good Lord, as we begin this new year of 2021, to keep you all safe and to fill your lives with many blessings. I would like to thank our Epiphany Cathedral office staff for all their efforts to continue our work for the Lord, as well as doing our best to keep those who we serve Covid-free! I would also like to thank all the parishioners who are serving the community by continuing their liturgical and pastoral ministries, by volunteering in the office, attending mass virtually or in-person, and praying for the well- being of our Epiphany Cathedral families. I thank you all for “Being the Heart and Hands of Christ” as you continue to be active members at Epiphany by supporting us financially so that we can serve the spiritual and pastoral needs of so many people who depend on us. Stewardship, using our time, talent, and treasures to be the Heart and Hands of Christ, is at the heart of Epiphany Cathedral Church and School.

While the COVID-19 pandemic consumed most of 2020 and continues to do so, unfortunately, it is not the only danger that we face in the world today. It is our mission to “Keep the Heart and Hands of Christ Safe and Secure” at Epiphany Cathedral Church and School. We have spent many months evaluating, researching and appraising ways in which we keep our parish and school families safe while on our premises. As a result, we have found areas upon which we can improve and enhance the safety and security of our facilities, our ministry programs, and safety response needs. With that in mind, we are launching a $1.5 million campaign, “Keeping the Heart and Hands of Christ Safe and Secure”, in order to complete these enhancements. We are unable to accommodate this expense in our normal budget, but these security and safety improvements must be done.

Enhancements Completed in 2019/2020:

♦  Controlled access to all office building and meeting facilities

♦  Enhanced video surveillance capabilities

♦  Updated facilities to meet building and fire code requirements

♦  Updated phone system

We have been able to cover the costs of the improvements from the list above due to your tithing. Your treasures have allowed us to make these improvements as well as build up a Reserve Fund to begin some additional enhancements. Epiphany has continued to grow as a Stewardship Way of Life Parish. We are in need of your financial support as we continue to “Keep the Heart and Hands of Christ Safe and Secure at Epiphany” as our Reserve Funds are not sufficient to complete the planned safety and security upgrades. It is our goal to collect $1.5 million in order to complete this very necessary project for the safety of our parishioners and school families.

I am asking each of you to participate in a special collection over the next 18 months to raise the necessary funds to complete our “Keeping the Heart and Hands of Christ Safe and Secure” campaign. Some parishioners have the means and desire to make a one-time gift, perhaps through IRA’s in 2021 and again in 2022. Others may find it more convenient and practical to contribute on a weekly or monthly basis.

A pledge card has been included which shows how much each family would have to donate, based upon percentage of family’s participation, to help us meet our goal of $1.5 million dollars to keep us, our children, and future generations safe and secure at Epiphany Cathedral Church and School. I have provided a list of some enhancements that will be completed as a result of this campaign. This is not an exhaustive list but provides you with tangible items that are needed.

Future Enhancements to be Completed at Epiphany Cathedral Church and School:

♦  Updating video surveillance for church and school linked to the Venice Police Department

♦  Installing new door hardware for the Cathedral

♦  Updating fire alarm system and installing Knox Boxes for Fire Department access

♦  Increasing the management of key card access to essential areas

♦  Purchasing additional AEDs and First Aid Kits and training for staff and volunteers

♦  Installing hurricane reinforced windows

♦  Updating Magi Hall—includes electrical, plumbing, and securing entry points

♦  Increasing the exterior lighting in various areas on campus

♦  Updating Santa Maria Chapel

♦  Renovating the school reception area

As we have done our best to provide for you and to keep you safe during this pandemic, we are also committed to providing facilities in which you can feel completely at ease and safe to worship God and serve the needs of our parishioners, young and old, and others in our community who need our spiritual and pastoral help and outreach. “Keeping the Heart and Hands of Christ Safe and Secure at Epiphany” is a special offering, and I ask that you do this in addition to your regular tithing.

I urge you to prayerfully consider participating in this special collection to the extent that you are able. The more participation there is, obviously, the less burden there is on each one of us. Thank you for your generous support in all that we do here at Epiphany Cathedral, and may God bless you and your family throughout this upcoming year.

God Bless You All!

Fr. Jack Costello

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