Stre@M 2019 Info will be posted soon.

Epiphany Cathedral Catholic School is proud to offer our Summer S.T.R.E.A.M camp to students in Grades Pre K – 6th for seven weeks throughout the summer. We are proud to provide your child with a safe and nurturing environment that continues to engage your child year-round through hands-on learning experiences while fostering independent practice and performance.  
Students will have the opportunity to further their interests through a variety of activities and trips that will be made available to them.  They will be supported and guided along the way by our excellent staff and camp counselors.  They will make new friends and foster existing friendships, while discovering their unique talents and abilities.  
Our Catholic Identity will continue to be ever present in everything we do during the summer as it is during the school year.  Children will understand along the way that they can accomplish a great deal by working hard and enjoying what they do.  More importantly, they will understand that they can attain even greater achievements knowing God is working within in them to help them achieve their goals.