Hours & Daily Rates:   

*Afternoon (Dismissal - 5:30pm) $12.00 per child, per day/ $24 per family (per day). 

*$48 per week, per child/$180 per month, per child; families of three or more children will only be charged for two children. $96 week, per family. 

Fees must be PREPAID by the week.  Unused prepaid days will be credited. (Note: Program provided at the regularly stated rates on most Early Dismissal days. There may be some exceptions.)


Payments: Auto payment through FACTS is REQUIRED!


Registration: Children must be pre-registered in the Tiger Time Program to be admitted. 

$25 registration fee per family, plus first prepayment of $50 which is applied to account.

 Late Fees: All balances must be current for child to attend. $10.00 late fee will apply for every 15 minutes after 5:30PM. Please Note: After three late fees the child may be excluded from the  program.

 Afternoon Schedule:


2:30-3:30PM - Gathering, supervised indoor or outdoor play; attendance, snack

3:30-5:30PM - Story time, skills, followed by art/ music activities and learning centers

Grades K-8th:

2:50-3:30PM - Gathering, attendance, directions, change clothes, restroom

3:30-3:45PM - Quiet reading/homework time followed by quiet activities/coloring/puzzles

3:45-4:30PM – Snack followed by structured indoor & outdoor activities

4:30-5:00PM - Arts & crafts; video if time allows or if inclement weather occurs

5:00-5:30PM - Clean up. -- All children must be picked up by 5:30PM


PLEASE SEND A DAILY SNACK FOR YOUR CHILD. Donations in original sealed packaging only.


Extracurricular clubs and sports are NOT part of Tiger Time.  Attending Tiger Time before or after clubs/sports requires registration and payment.


A $30.00 “drop-in” fee will be assessed for unregistered children, in addition to the above stated registration fees.


Registration Forms can be found in the Main School Office or your Welcome Packet.