Hours & Daily Rates:    Afternoon (Dismissal - 5:30pm) $15.00 per child/ $25 per family (per day).

Fees must be PREPAID by the week.  Unused prepaid days will be credited. (Note: Program provided at the regularly stated rates on most Early Dismissal days. There may be some exceptions.)

Registration:                Children must be pre-registered in the Tiger Time Program to be admitted.

Preschoolers waiting for siblings to get out at 3:15 will be charged $15.00 per day/$25.00 per family.  Oldest sibling will be billed family rate if applicable.  

$25 registration fee per family, plus first prepayment of $150 which is applied to account.


Late Fees:                     All balances must be current for child to attend.

                                      $10.00 late fee will apply for every 15 minutes after 5:30PM.

                                      Please Note: After three late fees the child may be excluded from the  program.


Afternoon Schedule:


2:15-3:30PM - Gathering, supervised indoor or outdoor play; attendance, snack

3:30-5:30PM - Story time, skills, followed by art/ music activities and learning centers


Grades K-8th:

3:15-3:30PM - Gathering, attendance, directions, change clothes, restroom

3:30-3:45PM - Quiet reading/homework time followed by quiet activities/coloring/puzzles 3:45-4:30PM – Snack followed by structured indoor & outdoor activities

4:30-5:00PM - Arts & crafts; video if time allows or if inclement weather occurs; 5:00-5:30PM - Clean up. -- All children must be picked up by 5:30PM




PLEASE SEND A DAILY SNACK FOR YOUR CHILD. Donations in original sealed packaging only.



Click HERE to download form, Complete and return with registration fees.


Extracurricular clubs and sports are NOT part of Tiger Time.  Attending Tiger Time before or after clubs/sports requires registration and payment.


A $30.00 “drop-in” fee will be assessed for unregistered children, in addition to the above stated registration fees.