Here at Epiphany the music department offers a variety of opportunities to explore the area of music. Included in our program are string classes provided  by Nicole Rawley, a Suzuki certified teacher  with a masters degree in music. Mrs. Rawley also plays violin with our outstanding Venice Symphony. Strings are offered Kindergarten through 8th grade.

In addition to our general music classes , students grade 3 through 5 participate in our Friday Mass Choir. Along with a small recorder and string ensemble we praise God through music and song.

Epiphany Cathedral School offers private group lessons on all instruments of the orchestra.

Middle school students choose from music electives which include, concert band, orchestra, show choir and pop culture. Recorder is also included in the curriculum for the 6th grade. Another wonderful event , this time for the 3rd grade class are visits from musicians from the local symphony. The students learn about the different musical families of the orchestra. At  the end of the course , 3rd graders from around the county are treated to a awesome concert by the symphony. Epiphany Cathedral School has a great relationship with our parish music department. So many of our students sing in the church choir, along with playing hand bells during our family mass on Sunday. A few of our students are becoming cantors, and are already leading the congregation in  song and praise.

The Music Dept. at ECS in under the direction of Ms. Jackie Brown.