At Epiphany we implement a STRE@M- integrated approach to learning.  Bringing Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics together just as they so often do in the real world. 

The Florida Catholic Conference focuses STRE@M School's certification on the following:

  1. The mission and Catholic identity are fully integrated into every aspect of the school.

  2. All classrooms are centers of fully engaged 21st century learners.

  3. The curriculum is arranged in such a way that the subjects are coordinated to support each other and promote a natural way of learning.

  4. Interdisciplinary project-based, inquiry-based learning is evident throughout the school.

  5. Students demonstrate an increased STRE@M literacy.  Students have an understanding of religious, scientific, artistic, technological, mathematical, and engineering concepts and processes for personal decision making and participation in civic and cultural affairs.

  6. Professional development for all staff members is a priority.  The individual professional development plans flow from the school's goals, focusing on innovative data-informed instruction.

  7. The professional learning communities within the school and with other professional educators highlight the STRE@M topics, improvement of instruction and learning, use of data to make instructional decisions, innovative integration of technology, and methods to continue to improve the Catholic culture of the school.

  8. Authentic use of technology by both the teachers and the students is an integral part of the teaching and learning.

  9. The school has a designated curriculum and/or STRE@M Coordinator. 

Epiphany is in the data and document collecting phase of STRE@M certification.  Our goal is to have FCC certification visits this winter.  Stay tuned.