At Epiphany Cathedral School we believe being a student is about more than high stakes testing, it's about lerning how to lead a life of purpose.

Each year, Catholic Schools’ students across the province of Florida are administered the Iowa Assessment.  The Iowa Assessment is a nationally-normed standardized achievement test that compares your child’s academic achievement with other children’s achievement throughout the United States.  In addition to taking the Iowa Assessment, students in grades two (2) and five (5) are also administered the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) that measures students’ general abstract reasoning abilities.  In addition, students in grades five (5) and eight (8) are administered the IFG:  ACRE Test (Information for Growth: Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education) to measure achievement and understanding of our Catholic faith.

Utilizing these standardized tests allow teachers and administration to determine academic programs and needs of students.  Test results are shared with students and parents at the end of each school year.


Learning Support Accommodations

Epiphany Cathedral Catholic School strives to meet the needs of all students.  Some students have special needs and require some modification or accommodation in the regular classroom setting.  Service Plans document the modifications and accommodations to ensure student learning.