Favorite Bible Verse

The entire law is summed up in a single command:  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”   Galatians 5:14


About The Teacher

The 2016-2017 school year will be my eleventh year teaching at Epiphany Cathedral School. I earned my Associates Degree in Elementary Education from Manatee Community College and my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida. I am certified in both Elementary Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

I attended Epiphany Cathedral School (Class of '95!) and Venice High School (Class of '99!). I am very fortunate to still be residing in Nokomis with my husband, Jesse, our beautiful daughter Emma and our handsome son Jack. I am also fortunate that both my children are able to attend this wonderful school!

I am very anxious to meet each of my students along with their wonderful families and am looking forward to a spectacular year!

Teaching Philosophy

I truly believe that every child deserves to and can learn; however not on the same day or the same way. Because of this I feel teaching through differentiated instruction will best benefit the student.  I also believe that children learn best when they are part of a positive, non-threatening learning environment. This type of environment helps to develop a sense of self confidence which in turn assists in promoting an eager learner. Also, being part of a social environment where children can converse with other children, helps to expand language and their thinking. This is where I believe cooperative learning groups are necessary.  Children learn best through “hands-on” experiences where they are encouraged to question, explore, and discover. I feel through an integrated curriculum children can be engaged in real-life activities and learning centers. I believe that I need to set high expectations for my students and encourage them to show courage, practice honesty, have compassion, and be fair. I will have an open communication with my students that will not only build their trust but also show them that I too am human and make mistakes. I feel children learn best when there are positive parental influences not only in the home, but also involved with the school and in the classroom. I want my room to be comfortable for my students and their parents as well.

The teacher
Said to the students,
“Come to the edge.”
They replied,
“We might fall.”
The teacher again said,
“Come to the edge.”
They responded,
“It’s too high!”
The teacher demanded.
And they came…
the teacher 
pushed them…
and they…flew.


Classroom Expectations

  1. Listen to directions
  2. Enter and exit prepared
  3. Always try your best
  4. Respect others
  5. No excuses