I start each day with a prayer of thanksgiving and a request for guidance from our Lord.
Gratitude fills my heart for I am blessed to have a vocation where I can not only share my gift for teaching but my passion for my Catholic faith.  Having spent 16 years teaching in the public schools, I know what it's like to teach, guide and council children without the benefit of faith.  The faith-factor is the critical piece to help insure our children will grow into loving adults who will make a positive contribution through their families and/or vocations.  I take my catechesis pledge seriously and strive to incorporate it where ever possible each day in my classroom.

My goal is to inspire students to appreciate and enjoy all the subject areas.   I also know that we are all gifted with traits that cause us to gravitate to some subjects more than others.  I believe it is my job to expose students to every subject and help them achieve to their ability.  In this way they will naturally gravitate toward their God given gifts and talents.  My personal favorite subjects are based around our Catholic Faith and all areas of Language Arts and Fine Arts.  I particularly love the freedom of expression the students can employ while sharing books they have read, or relating research topics they have chosen.  I work closely with our Technology teacher.  Together we guide the students in selecting a topic of interest then preparing and presenting slide shows to share with the class.  Consistently I see students who may struggle with a conventional learning environment shine, thrive and glow as they dig into their research, prepare their special slides and share their creations.  The sidebar result is engaged classmates eager to hear and see what their friends have done.  I am continually amazed at how respectfully they offer their encouragement and gently critique each presentation.  
Just after the new year starts, we will begin to prepare for the ECS traditional live presentation of The Stations of The Cross.  This is a special 3rd grade tradition that offers a wonderful opportunity to incorporate STREAM.  Throughout the preparation and presentation, students will conduct research on the history of the stations as well as the stories depicted at each of the 14 stations.  They will be involved in creation of their costumes and practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Fine art theater skills will be employed and each student will experience the skill of live performance.  It is always a highlight of the year.  
My overarching goal for my students is that each one leaves third grade with a feeling of accomplishment.  Their report card grades may not reflect top performance yet my goal is that each student feels they have achieved.  Setting and monitoring unique goals is one key to this accomplishment. Allowing students to experiment with and express their gifts and talents is another key to helping insure each student has reached their full third grade potential.  That’s what makes me smile. If I can do just one thing for my students, however, I seek to support them in understanding God is our guide each day.  Go where he leads you and only where he leads you. God certainly lead me to ECS and these amazing children.  My personal goal is to be worthy of this gift he has given me.