A reminder from my littlest sister

Today was a good day...until I got home.  Have you ever had one of those days as a Mom or Dad?  I mean, work was good.  I came home and actually cooked a hot, fresh healthy meal.  It was a rare night that I am home to do it between sports and work and errands - we parents know the drill.  It's all good.  No complaints.  I was excited to sit together.  When these decendents hit high school it becomes even more rare and difficult to have family meals.

Alas, others were not in similar moods.  Ultimately, I find myself in my car (it's raining of course) sitting at my church (St. Max), praying to our Lady of Guadalupe and asking her for help to be a good mom.  What do I do?  

I go to Facebook of course!  My real, littlest sister, Caroline, had the Winnie the Pooh picture posted.  Thank you Blessed Mother for sending me the reminder for what motherhood means.  I heard you today.  I return home with a renewed spirit to minister within my own home, as well as beyond it.  

Hail Mary full of Grace!