Principal Ponderings

Mrs. Gunther connects our Last Supper with the Seder Meal.

6th Grade Seder

March 20, 2018  

This week 6th grade learned some Church history and Jewish roots by participating in a Seder meal in class.  When Mrs. Gunther shared this with me I was so excited.  Seder meals are full of symbolism and history.  I participated in a Seder meal during college with my college-age young adult group at Christ the King in Athens, Ohio.  Our parish collaborated with the college Jewish group to learn about it.  What a learning experience!  

Mrs. Gunther's ability to bring ancient history and church history alive is such a blessing!  This is such a great lesson for students during this Lenten season.  I am providing some links below if anyone would like to learn more about Catholics and Seder meals.  (for the record: these are my links, not provided by Mrs. Gunther.)